University of Houston

Dr. John Wilson – Research Professor Physics Department – University of Houston

When I recently played eighteen holes at Herman Park in the eighties, I walked away amazed with what your teaching has done for me in just little over a year. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself making pars and birdies on the course, much less shooting less than the nineties. Playing golf for Marsha and I has contributed enormously to our lives individually as well as to our marriage. We recall your first instruction to celebrate the outdoors first and golf second. Golf satisfies our quest for challenge, as it is a game that one will never be perfect at. Yet, we experience moments of perfection when we see the seemingly impossible shot goes as planned, followed by the next that does not.

Golf and life are a lot alike according to recent comments by Morgan Freeman in Newsweek.”You never master either. You simply play the game.” We are at a point in our game where we simply play the game, unperturbed by the ups and downs in our scores.

As a teaching colleague, I have greatly appreciated your approach to teaching. First and foremost, you always showed great sensitivity to your students, with an uncanny ability to adapt to different levels of abilities and styles. At times, I would come to you discouraged about my swing and in five minutes you would fix it once again. I expect to be your student and friend for life.

Thank you for what you have given to Marsha and me. It’s a priceless gift!

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