University of Houston

Todd Whitting – Head Baseball Coach – University of Houston

Danny has not only a great understanding of the golf swing but more importantly, is able to communicate this to me in an easy to understand manner. I have played golf for over twenty five years and was able to make vast improvements almost immediately. His approach of getting back to the inner athlete and building a solid foundation to build the swing around is a trait of all great instructors and coaches in any sport. As a person who has spent considerable time studying movement and swing patterns, I can appreciate Danny’s expertise and his understanding of the swing as the similarities between golf and baseball are very closely related. I have been fortunate to spend time with many great baseball swing instructors in my career and Danny’s method to teaching and getting results is as good as or better than these individuals who teach at the highest levels. The ability to coach/teach is based not only having the correct knowledge, but also being able to relay it to individuals and improve performance physically and mentally. Danny has proven in the time that I have spent with him that he has mastered the ability to communicate correct knowledge and get results.