Will Rhymes – MLB Scout – Los Angeles Dodgers

About ten years ago, during the off season, I was in Houston visiting my Dad and one afternoon he invited me out Memorial Park to watch him take a golf lesson with Danny; a golf lesson that turned out to be very interesting to me as a professional athlete. It didn’t take long before we where all in a very intense conversation about the commonalities and differences in swinging a bat and a golf club, which truly helped me to better understand how to correctly think about the golf swing. I quickly began to recognize Danny’s skills in communicating the essence of the golf swing in conceptual terms and understandings that I could readily identify with.

Having played Major League Baseball with the Detroit Tigers and the Tampa bay Rays, and now working with the Los Angeles Dodgers as a scout, it would be fair to say that I have been around many great coaches and I believe Danny’s philosophy in golf athletics to be on common ground with professional athletic understandings among great coaches.

Because I now live in Virginia, and working with the Dodger’s organization, I’ve had only a few opportunities to work with Danny over the past ten years. But, if I lived in Houston, I would be a regular student. I can say with out any doubt, each lesson has had a profound impact on me. In my very first lesson, Danny helped me not only with golf, but also in my career as a Major League Baseball Player. He taught me how to conceptualize my golf swing as a relaxed athlete, just as I’ve always done swinging a baseball bat., but also, taking a moment to take in the results without judgement, but with measurement. Although it was several years ago, I remember each lesson clearly, Danny would notice something in my performance, make a suggestion, walk me through the logic in understandings, what would be mentally required and explain the physical identities I would experience through the process, all in about five minutes and it has changed my game. I used his process every time at bat throughout my time in Major League Baseball. Danny understands the golf swing and more importantly how to get his students to execute it quickly.

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